Shipping & Forwarder

We are trying to make your participation as comfortable as possible through our nominated Official Freight Forwarder – Samehco – who offers a professional integrated group of services including:

a) Door to door service: Together with our network of agents we can give simple reliable full door to door service for the exhibitors from/to any country. Please contact us for agents in your country

b) On-site handling: For local exhibitors we provide full on-site handling for their exhibits, stand material, machinery etc. we have cranes, forklifts & professional staff to insure safe, smooth & reliable on-site handling.

c) Storage: Storage facility available only for temporary imported goods through our service at customs bonded warehouse. No storage facility available for local and permanent imported goods.


Important dates :-
a) We need to be aware of your planned AIR shipments before 10th of October 2015
b) We need to be aware of your planned SEA shipments before 1st of September 2015
c) Deadline for air shipments at Cairo Int’l Airport “CAI” 20th October 2015.
d) Deadline for FCL sea shipments at Alexandria port 10th of October 2015.
e) Deadline for LCL sea shipments at Alexandria port 25th of September 2015.

See the Shipping instruction for further details

Samehco International Forwarding & Exhibition Services
Sameh Guirguis
32, Andalos St.,
Heliopolis 11341, Cairo, Egypt.
Tel.: +202 24543155 – 24537131 – 24537132
Fax. : +202 24555911
Email: ;

For shipping from ITALY


Angela Gagliardi

Tel: 0039 051 864466 (ext. 302)


Warehouse address:

Magazzini STL

Blocco 3.1 Interporto

40010 Bentivoglio (BO)


Important dates:

Deadline for FCL sea shipments – 14 September 2015

Deadline for air shipments – 9 October 2015
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